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The rise and rise of porn-chic on Facebook …

30-is-the-new-black-facebook-porn-chic.jpgSocial Media is a double-edge sword. On one hand, it’s nice to have a medium to catch up with friends who live interstate and more importantly around the world.

On the other hand, it’s also a handy platform for the sexualisation of women and cyber bullying and a breeding ground for sexual predators, paedophiles and stalkers.

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Curly Like Me book review …

Curly Like MeAs some of you know, I have naturally curly hair. Growing up with afro curly hair in the ’80s was not as easy as it sounds.

Blessed with corkscrew curls and an unruly mane that no comb could tame, I tried every hair product on the limited Australian market to control my curls.

As the ’80s perm became passé, I realised that I was one of only a few waving the naturally curly hair flag.

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Playing happy families – ‘Hey Dad’ sex scandal

Happy families - Hey Dad sex scandalThey say families that play together stay together but what happens when that line crosses over into sexual abuse? Allegations came to light this week that Sarah Monahan who played ‘Jenny’ on Hey Dad, one of Australia’s longest running and most successful TV shows, was molested on the set from the age of nine. Read more »

Lara Bingle … is adult bullying ever ok?

Lara Bingle ... Most unlikeable woman in Australia?I’ve been dismayed and shocked by the vitriolic and hateful comments directed at Lara Bingle.

She may or may not have been aware that she was dating a married man and she may or may not have been out to wreck his marriage but this happened three years ago when she was a teenager. Since then she has been in a long term relationship and is engaged to be married.

It amazes me that ‘news’ about Lara Bingle is in the same newspapers as the article about a landmark court decision that allowed a young girl to successfully seek compensation for being bullied as a child? However, adult bullying is allowed to go on whether it’s bullying via the media, politicians bullying each other, workplace bullying or even bullying amongst our friends and family.

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Lara Bingle … homewrecker or feminist warrior?

Lara Bingle ... Most unlikeable woman in Australia?

Lara Bingle’s career has hit another speed bump this week with an image of her naked in Woman’s Day.

Apparently the image was taken without her consent and originally circulated by former lover AFL player Brendan Fevola to team mates years ago. The photo was offered to major newspaper outlets who decided in their better judgement not to publish the image.

It is really of no surprise to me that a woman editor of a high profile magazine decided to publish the image. Another step backwards for feminism and sadly another step forward in circulation for Woman’s Day.

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Five toxic friends you can do without

Toxic friends you can do withoutAs I get older, I’ve realised that my friends don’t always have to play the part of the leading lady and be my best friend and it’s ok to have acquaintances that stand in the chorus line but what do you do if you have a friend who always wants to be the star of the show? Read more »

Pre-nups a must-have for modern marriage

Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey in happier times

Winston Churchill once said that there are two things in life that are guaranteed, death and taxes. A strong, healthy marriage unfortunately didn’t make the cut. And this is why I believe wholeheartedly in pre-nups.

Bad divorces can happen to good people and pre-nups act as a financial safety net. Kanye West may have forgotten his table manners at the MTV Video Music Awards but he’s right about one thing. People who refuse to sign pre-nups are gold diggers, pure and simple.

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