Walk on the wild side with the Julian Louie for Aldo collaboration

One person’s hot shoe may be another person’s hot mess – shoe beauty is in the eye of the wearer. This is definitely the case for the Julian Louie for Aldo collaboration. The wedges are a wild mix of textures, colors, and patterns combining a patchwork of different tribal prints and obvious stitching detail.

According to blog, Dazeddigital , the young designer’s shoe inspiration came from Pieter Hugo‘s book The Hyena & Other Men —a photo documentary of African men accompanied by hyenas, rock pythons, baboons and other native animals. In the same article, the designer says about the collection:

“Collage is hugely important to me, and comes out in my work every season, both physically and conceptually. I had never really played with print on this scale before, and wanted the shoes to really make a strong statement. The prints are fragmented and patchworked but the shape of the shoe itself is very monolithic and graphic, which I think is an important contrast.”

At $169, these shoes are a win win – great for your wardrobe and your wallet. Aldo is continuing to offer innovate and quality design at an affordable price point. It’s a favourite haunt of fashion blogger Rumi who has won huge fashion points because of her ability to seamlessly put together chainstore and vintage looks with designer buys.

These shoes are definitely not for everyone but perfect for those who like to flaunt their individuality. Remember the wedges are the focal point of your outfit so try not to overwhelm your outfit and  compete with your outfit. Combine the shoes with a dress or outfit in block colours and let your wedges step up and take the limelight.


  1. Emma, 18 February 2011, 5:36 pm

    These are great – I have always loved wedges. Just what I need so I don’t feel boring in jeans but without going over the top.

  2. Gillian, 19 February 2011, 7:17 am

    I agree Ms Emma! These wedges add a bit of a spice to an outfit. Normally, I don’t like spending money on fad items but the second shoe in the top row really appeals to me.


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