12 Days of Christmas Gifts …

Melissa-Odabash-Amalfi-GoldOk so you may not have a true love to give you one gift let alone 12 but let’s face it, partridges in a pear tree was so last season anyway. From the practical to the whimsical, here are 12 gift ideas for the woman who has everything and probably bought it herself too.  Indulge your inner diva – nothing wrong with a bit of erm … self love now and again is there?

Capture this

Need a new digital camera? Canon has released the IXUS 130 which comes in three colours in Australia; stylish black, not for the faint-hearted hot pink and stainless steel. Canon is known more for its functionality than form but this camera is a successful fusion of both and one of the slimmest cameras Canon has produced so far. High tech specs include a 14.1 megapixel camera, 4x optical zoom lens and the ability to shoot high-definition movies.


Be S.M.A.R.T. about your goals

Commit your New Year’s Eve goals to paper this year with a Goals book created by leading stationery retailer Kikki-k. You can map out your travelling, finance, health, personal development and career ambitions, track your progress throughout the year and identify any obstructions to reaching your goals . The book will help you set S.M.A.R.T. (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely) goals to help you get the life you want and deserve.


Jewellery to get nutty over

These gorgeous rings from Australian designers Azaul are handcrafted individually with the tanga nut from Columbia to create a one of a kind piece with slight variations in each ring. Channel your inner Spanish dancer with this South-American inspired tribal and eco-friendly jewellery.


Gymtastic leisurewear

Lorna Jane goes from strength to strength and has filled the niche for sexy and stylish yet functional gym wear – a hard combo to find. The range is in rainbow colours and of course Lorna Jane is all over my favourite colour pink. There are inspirational singlets, the cutest of the cute hoodies, cheeky shorts and slinky tops with a great back detail – you know I lurve a good back detail.


Navman is the man

The Navnman is on par with my electric blanket as my favourite electric gadget … get your mind out of the gutter please, I know what you’re all thinking but I don’t own one of those! The sexy gadget features live traffic updates, tells you when you’re going over the limit and can even advise you when you’re approaching a red light camera. Throw away your scruffy outdated street directory – this is great for navigating through scary streets on your lonesome at night and you’ll never be afraid to go a road trip again!


All S&B touch turns to gold …

Sass & Bide are pulling out all the stops with their latest collection. Natalie Imbruglia with the help of her stylist Harpers Bazaar’s Fashion Editor Christina Centenera, was rocking Sass & Bide outfits on her latest TV gig, The X-Factor. We like the tribal and exotic prints, the embellishments, the playful cut outs and exaggerated fashion designs. No hit and misses for the Sass & Bide team, just hits – the design equivalent of U2.


For the shopping voyeur in you

A magazine subscription is really the gift that keeps on giving well at least for the duration of your subscription anyways. There is nothing quite like the feeling of receiving a magazine delivered to your doorstep to give you an instant pick-me-up. Feed your shopping voyeurism with a monthly fix of Shop til you drop – a clever mix of affordable and aspirational fashion.


Maximise  your wardrobe

If anyone suggested a three-way to me, I’d give them a prompt slap on both cheeks but  when it comes to dresses, I’m definitely that type of girl. This Tigerlily maxi dress in hues of peach, khaki and charcoal can be worn three different ways and even comes with an instruction card so you can’t it wrong peeps! Nina Garcia, a judge on Project Runway America always says to designers who create multi-purpose clothing that they shouldn’t come with a manual … erm, I beg to respectfully disagree! Who doesn’t want a versatile garment that can be worn more than one way – bring it on and quickly!


Get the party conversation started

Kikki-k has created the perfect icebreaker for a dinner party with friends and family or intimate evening for two (wink wink, nudge nudge). Get the party started with conversation starters such as ‘My naughty secret ….’ and ‘My most embarrassing moment …’ It’s a fun way to fill in those awkward silences at a dinner table, you know the ones where you can almost hear crickets? Nothing bonds potential friends together than realising you both have common and not so common interests.


Wedge not, want not

The Aldo Domhoff shoe is another gorgeous wedge for the hot summer months. They deceptively look high maintenance but are very comfortable to wear. Your wedges with look at home with long flowing maxi dresses and skirts, short tight dresses and short shorts for summer. Remember my rule, actually I just made it up but juxtapose tight clothing such as shorts with a loose fitting top to create a look that is striking yet unexpected.


Get into bed with Kylie Minogue

If you have been hiding under a rock, you might not know that Kylie has brought out a ‘Kylie Minogue at home’ linen (not lingere) range. Given the smouldering star is known for her tousled bed hair and her come hither eyes, a bedding range is not such a far stretch as one might think. The Kylie Brava bedding range is the ultimate bedroom bling incorporating silver embroidery and Swarovski crystals fit for an erm … pop queen and the rest of us mere mortals.


Makeover or makeunder?

Napoleon Perdis, makeup artist to the stars offers makeovers which are redeemable with product. Most of us have used make up for years but may not even know the difference between blush and bronzer. Get tips from a professional and learn how to do smoky eyes, apply eyeliner like an expert and learn how to make the most of your features without looking like you graduated from clown school.


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  1. Sally, 20 December 2010, 8:49 pm

    Awwwwwww … I want them all NOW! I especially love the Tigerlily dress – very clever.


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