Forget the Satorialist … there’s a new cat in town

Toxic friends you can do without

The Sartorialist is a famous fashion blog created by blogger, Scott Schuman who released a coffee book of his photographs late last year.

His photographs are of quirkly dressed men and women he finds on the streets of New York, London, Rome and France and other exotic destinations.

However, hot on his tail, is a new blogger  walking along with padded feet and a cheshire grin and ready to take the feline fashion world by storm. Meet Stephen Cohen, The Catorialist. I do not usually promote fur but let’s face it, feline fashion never looked this good.

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  1. Sarah, 28 March 2010, 3:23 pm

    This website is the cutest! I love cats. I’ve bookmarked the site. Thanks for drawing it to my attention.


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