Naked ambition

Lyndsey Rodrigues Lyndsey Rodrigues has appeared in a magazine shoot for Maxim magazine wearing a swimsuit what best can be described by Confidential as ‘a piece of black dental floss’. Whilst Lyndsey is undoubtedly beautiful, I’m not sure appearing half naked in a men’s magazine which is normally the domain of wanna be celebrities, reality tv stars and B grade actresses who want to revive their dying career, is quite the right path for her.

Lyndsey has spoken about her aspirations to be an actress. It would be easy to follow the same career path as her look-alike Jessica Alba who always seems to be in a state of undress in her movies whether she’s a deep sea diver in Into the Blue, a hip hop dancer in Honey a stripper in Sin City or super hero in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer Fellow expatriate Sophie Monk since arriving in Hollywood, has followed a similar path, taking roles which allows her to show off her body but unfortunately not the depth of her acting talent. Her recent movie, Sex and Death 101 unfortunately, is no exception to that rule.

If you want to have longevity and be taken seriously as an actress, it’s not a good idea to use your sexuality to raise your profile. Being sexy is more than about appearing on a men’s magazine in next to nothing. Besides, I can never forgive Maxim for naming every woman’s favourite girlfriend, Sarah Jessica Parker as the ‘Unsexiest Woman Alive’.

On a positive body image note, the Biggest Loser finale was on last night with Sam Rouen taking out the grand prize of $200,000 losing 71.1 kilos. Alice Braun, mother of three was runner up, losing 55.2 kilos and gaining $25,000 in the process. Favourite to win and ex Australia water polo champion, Kirsten Binnie lost 54.9 kilos and won $10,000.

The thing I love about this reality show is all the contestants walk away winners regardless of where they ended up in the competition. They are armed with advice about nutrition, given tools to control their weight loss and tips on how to exercise effectively. They may not be asked to appear on the cover of Ralph or FHM any time soon but in my eyes, their new found confidence and zest for life outweighs any men’s magazine model’s sex appeal.

I see Jess Origliasso from the Veronica’s and MTV’s Ruby Rose are back in the news again, sharing more than a love of tattoos. Jess stole the limelight from her sister Lisa who recently got engaged to virgin Dean Geyer, and was spotted holding hands and kissing Ruby passionately at M.A.C’s after-party held at De Nom on Monday night and giving a repeat performance at Alex Perry’s fashion show. More than her sexuality, I would be concerned about Jess’ body weight. There’s nothing like a good lesbian rumour to throw the scent of an eating disorder. She is looking decidedly very skinny and that’s not sexy at all.

Speaking of not sexy and eating disorders, all focus this week has been on Stephanie Carta who was banned from the catwalk at Australian Fashion Week because she was reportedly suffering from an eating disorder. Alex Perry’s stylist made a stand saying that he did not feel comfortable about using Stephanie Carta in his show. It’s telling that Demelza, one of the two models in Australia’s Next Top Model that Alex advised to lose weight if they wanted to be successful in the modelling world, received the Sailor’s Choice Award in a parade staged in the show quite recently on H.M.A.S Melbourne. Lyndsey would never be considered thin enough to be on a catwalk but she is heating up the pages of Maxim.

Doesn’t that just about say it all?

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