[30 is the new black] The Hills (Season 3) | Ep. 24 | ‘Girls Night Out’

30 is the new black has posted a new item, ‘The Hills (Season 3) | Ep. 24 |
‘Girls Night Out”

The episode starts with Heidi having lunch with Audrina at her work café.
Heidi says to Audrina that she doesn’t know how nice it is for them to be
friends again and they were friends for a long time. She said all this stuff
happened that had to do with Lauren and Spencer and somehow everyone got
entangled into the drama. Heidi says she is regaining her sense of self and
really needs a girl’s night out. She asks Audrina to come out with her and
Audrina gives nods her head but has a look on her face that either means that
I’d rather be eating onions right now or Lauren is going to kick my ass when
she finds out. Cue music.

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