[30 is the new black] Australia’s Next Top Model | Cycle 4 | Ep. 8

30 is the new black has posted a new item, ‘Australia’s Next Top Model | Cycle 4
| Ep. 8’

The episode starts with the girls receiving Jodhi mail and t-shirts that read
‘Prepare to know your fashion’. Alex says that she has more knowledge than
anyone else and that she will show the other girls up this week. Jodhi arrives
at the house with Fernando Frisoni, fashion writer for the Sun Herald. He gives
them a critique on their clothes and sets them a challenge to dress for various
events. Caris asks Alex for help on her outfit but is criticised by Fernando
who says that she has no style at all but loves Alex’s wardrobe choices. Alyce
narrates that Alex may have sabotaged Caris in the challenge and she is
surprised as they are supposed to be friends. One thing is for certain, there
are no such things as friends in this competition especially at this stage of
the competition.

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