[30 is the new black] The Hills (Season 3) | Ep. 25 | ‘A New Roommate’

30 is the new black has posted a new item, ‘The Hills (Season 3) | Ep. 25 | ‘A
New Roommate”

The episode starts with reunited colleagues Whitney and Lauren folding up
clothes at People’s Republic. Deja vu anyone? Whitney asks about Audrina and
Lauren says she has been busy. She says that every time Audrina goes out, she
keeps on running into Heidi and says that they are friends. However, Lauren
says that it puts them both into an awkward situation as Lauren doesn’t want to
tell Audrina what to do but at the same time she doesn’t want people at her home
that she doesn’t get along with. Whitney says that she can understand that.
Lauren could do well to go to Audrina’s school of diplomacy. Cue music.

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