Lesbian chic or cheap?

I see the self-proclaimed poster child for lesbianism, Ruby Rose is in the news again. MTV Australia wants her to re-live the kiss she had with Jess Origliasso from the Veronicas at the Cleo Bachelor of the Year party. That’s so 2003 when Britney Spears and Madonna kissed at the US MTV Awards and look what happen to her career. It shows more than a hint of desperation.

News of Ruby Rose’s sexuality first came to light in a gossip column where it was reported that a guest at an event was telling all and sundry that she was a lesbian. Ruby Rose soon admitted the gossip columnist was referring to her and news of Ruby coming out at 12 soon surfaced.

I understand that Ruby Rose replaced Total Request Live presenter Lyndsey Rodrigues and they are big Manolo Blahnik’s shoes to fill. Ruby Rose seems to flaunt her sexuality in an effort to further her career and make her seem edgier and more deserving of the rock chic title.

Isn’t there better ways to raise your profile like talent? Sorry, that was a rhetorical question. No doubt the casting agent of Neighbours will be knocking on her door soon and she can join Lisa Origilasso’s boyfriend Dean Geyer on free to air television.

Whilst, we’re on the topic of bad taste, I see Zoo Weekly is running a ‘Win a Divorce’ competition. I guess marriage counseling wasn’t sexy enough for them. This was of course, is following up on their competition last year for a reader’s girlfriend to win a set of breast implants.

Funnily enough, I was asked to interview for a position at Zoo Weekly when they first launched in Australia. I was working at a rival publisher and declined because I didn’t think a men’s gossip magazine would be successful in Australia. I obviously gave Australian men too much credit and underestimated their capacity to absorb mindless trash given Zoo’s high circulation figures.

It’s a shame that Zoo doesn’t use their power for good and draw attention to the plight of men in custody battles who are denied access to their children. For every man who doesn’t make an effort to see his children or pay child support, there are others who are denied access to their children by a bitter spouse. It’s a costly process to take their ex wives to court to enforce child custody arrangements but I guess that’s not sexy either.

Their publicity stunt seems to be working with The Times of India even reporting on the news. It must have been a slow news day.


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